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How to style the Pob!

1. Use a texturizing shampoo and conditioner in the shower.

2. Towel dry your hair and work in a small amount of anti-frizz balm and a dollop of volumizing mousse through your hair.

3. Using your hair dryer and a round brush, smooth hair towards your face, boosting more movement in your hair.

4. To style a cowlick, try blasting the heat on the unruly piece of hair first in one direction, then in the next direction, and after repeating a few times, the hair should sit the way you want.

5. Once dry, use a bit of pomade or wax to spike up the shorter pieces and seperate longer strands.

6. Use a small amount and rub between your hands to get the product soft, warm and pliable.

7. When your hair is styled, finish off with a touch of glossy shine serum and a spritz of finishing spray. Throughout the day you can touch and fluff up your hair.

8. Shorter styles usually require a bit more maintenance than longer ones. You'll need to get regular trims every 4-6 weeks, and keep that color fresh as there is nowhere for roots to hide.

9. You won't need to wash your hair everyday as choppier styles usually hold up well with slightly dirty hair.

Here Are Victoria Beckham's Photos:




The Great Fall sweater/coat debate

I don't know about you but I LOVE fall. I love the warm coats, the soft sweaters, the feeling of being all bundled up and don't forget the hot chocolate, yummy! Ok, I am getting a little ahead of myself here with all the hot chocolate talk, let's get back to the clothes. One dilemma I often face is sweater alone or sweater with jacket during these cool fall days, most times I opt for sweater alone, but often I pick a heavier sweater. Here are two of my favorites.

The Great Fall sweater/coat debate They may be famous for their bras and underwear but their sweaters are simply divine. This one is long enough to cover down to your mid-thigh, warm enough to just wear a light shirt underneath and stylish enough to pair with some black pants and boots.
cable.jpg How can you go wrong with cable knit? You can't. It is warm and stylish with a touch of preppy-goodness.

Throw a little tank top or a short sleeve shirt on for a semi-warm day or put a long sleeve shirt on for a colder day. Perfectly versatile and oh so cute!

Shoes- Top 10 Styles


You may have plenty of flats, sneakers and pumps but you still want something new. A sign of boredom. We all could do with new styles that are refreshing as well as fashionable. But before you decide to head out and go crazy with your shopping, it is vital to check out some of the new styles that are ruling the market.

1. Cropped Leather Booties: These are the new boots. Ditch those knee high black leather boots. They are old and so not in fashion any longer. Those cute ankle boots are back! Kids in the 1980s knew what they were upto. Try a zipped variety with leather jackets and mini skirts.

2. Eco Conscious Shoes: This is what the shoe crazy is splurging on. You may have collected all those Manolos but its time to go vegetarian! Try and buy leather free shoes now. If you buy a Tom shoe by Stella McCartney, another is donated to a child in need. So in a way you are indirectly donating to charity as well. Go glittery with slip-ons.

3. High Heeled Gladiators: These are no longer just ordinary sandals. Choose them with chunky wedge heels. The Bottega Veneta from Balenciags is a great buy. Mary Kate Olsen has been seen in them.

4. Bright Patent Heels: A little colour is all that is needed to bring any suit up to date. Skip those boring black pumps for the coloured kind. This is great for those who have to adhere to a dress code at work. Cheat with shoes instead.

5. An Updated Ballet Flat: Jazzy shoes with lace ups are the new ballet shoes. These are light and comfortable. These are great for dancing. Designer versions are available in sleek leathers and bright chirpy colours that have a hint of downtown flair.

6. Ankle Strap Wedges: Not only fashion forward but are ladylike too. Move over platforms and say hello these cuties. To stick to the 70s spirit, team them with a wrap dress to be the true disco queen.

7. Sock like booties: Comfort, comfort, comfort. Now comfort and fashion can go hand in hand. It is no longer a chore to look stylish. You no longer have to stuff your feet into those pointy shoes with unmanageably high heels. But now Marc Jacobs has come up with shoes that look like pumps: those ‘trompe l’oeil booties’.

8. Tony Slippers: Great on the go footwear. Loafers are passé. Dolce and Gabbana have push flats in velvet and topped with ‘regal crests’. They satisfy those with both downtown as well as uptown tastes.

9. Nude Heels: This is what bridesmaids are wearing. Especially since all bridesmaids wear the same shoes, it is essential that they wear something in style at least. These are so flattering that the bridesmaids might actually want to wear these shoes again and again. They’ll definitely not be relegated to the back of their closets.

10. Chirpy Shade Rubber Boots: While boots that are shearling lined suit snowy climates, rain boots are meant for cosmopolitan climates. With the variety of patterns, colours and sizes, these go great with skinny jeans as well as a-line skirts and tights. Try Michael Kors at Hunter.

Jewellery And The Zodiac


How do you spot a Piscean? Or a Libran? The former loves big chunky stuff… long dangling earrings and the works while the latter will do absolutely anything to avoid wearing jewellery. If you are a guy and want to know what kind of jewellery to buy your girl, or if you are a girl and want to know whether you are really influenced by your sun sign or not, read on.


They have an airy streak in them which can even been seen in their clothing and jewellery style. The jewellery is offbeat and definitely cool, though they do not follow trends dumbly. They will only wear stuff they personally thing is great, they won’t get taken up by the guidelines and trends set by those fashionistas and other people.


They are influenced by only classic styles. It has to be expensive but tastefully understated. The jewellery should definitely make a statement. It should have timeless appeal. Nothing that is jazzy or flashy would ever attract them.


The problem most Geminis face is that they have extremely sensitive skin. So junk jewellery is totally out for them. They stick to the traditional stuff. Since Geminis aren’t traditionally good looking, they prefer not attracting attention towards them.


They are big experimenters. They experiment with practically everything since they can carry it. They’ll wear absolutely anything. They aren’t fussy.


Their taste in jewellery tends towards the vibrant. They know how to make a statement with just a piece of really good chunky jewellery.


They want to stand out. So the jewellery they prefer is usually chunky and bright and big. Anyhow, they can go even without jewellery too if they don’t want to. They won’t wear something just for the heck of it.


They are jewellery haters and only wear it if someone held them at gun point! Okay, well, if they had to for traditional purposes, they just might, but it is not something they normally enjoy.


Scorpio women really know how to use jewellery as a device to enhance their appearance. The best pieces of jewellery ever made are always bought by Scorpio women. Men are not bothered by jewelry though.


Sagittarians really know how to spot a good buy. The jewellery they wear will always go well with them. The jewellery always goes with the flow of the look they want to achieve.


They’d only wear it if they absolutely had to. They’d never wear it to maybe a picnic but you’d never find them without it at a wedding.


They are hippies at heart so their jewelry preferences too tend to go in that direction. They’d never wear silver or gold. They prefer jewellery that looks natural.


Gold, Gold, and Gold! The yellow metal is something they live by. Even while gifting, they go with gold. Jewellery can’t be made of anything else for them.

So now that you know the style preferences of each sun sign, go out and buy that special someone of yours something you know she’ll appreciate!

Mens style on shirts


The main purpose of a man’s shirt is to protect. It is a cover up. It is something that covers the chest and also regulates the body’s temperature. So even if the shirt serves only a basic purpose of survival, there are a few styles available. Men are not behind women at all when it comes to fashion. Trends keep changing for them too. There was a time when men wore shirts without collars and the sleeves were roomy, long, and billowing. Then came the formal look with the onset of the twentieth century. Button down shirts came into existence. And as life keeps becoming more fast-paced, fashion simply has to keep up.

The most interesting 20th century development could maybe the creation of the polo shirt. It is also called the tennis shirt today or the infamous ‘Lacoste Shirt’. It could be said that the shirt was ‘invented’ by Rene Lacoste, the famous tennis player from France in the 1920s. This shirt was a welcomed break from all the rigid shirts that were traditionally worn. Though this became popular soon after Rene Lacoste, its commercialization really peaked only when Ralph Lauren introduced his line of Polo shirts around 1960. And it has remained in fashion ever since. It is now a common category in clothing. Even though it is no longer actually worn by all tennis players today, it is still everyday wear for many men in very many cultures.

Another interestingly popular shirt style has been the ‘grand dad shirt’. It is really cool shirt for hot, sweltering days. And so it is more popular in South Asian countries, some of the hottest countries, in the world. Jawaharlal Nehru popularized it in India during the time he was in power and Sammy Davis Jr. was seen in them in America. They wore the grand daddy shirt, surprisingly enough, even on formal occasions. The shirt became main stream fashion with Steven Segal and his love for the shirt. A boho version of the shirt is still seen on many actors. These usually have wild prints and bright colours.

One short that has survived all the ups and downs of fashion is the button down shirt as formal wear. It has a history that is just so old that no one really knows who started the trend or even how the shirt came into being. Some say it came from Polo players in England who had stiff collars pinned down so that it would not blow onto their face. While others believe it has its roots in New York. But the main idea behind it still remains the same. Apparently a man was fed up with his flapping collars and o pinned them down.


Mens of style


For a younger and a modern style young men have been combining and mixing up various tendencies in order to get a unique and a raging style. The male fashion has widened the horizons also has separated the traditional look. Most popular tendencies of combining various fabrics include silk and cotton, seersucker and the jeans. The Bermudas teaming with some vivid colored t-shirts too has become a popular trend. The best thing to do now is staying away from whatever that is predictable in the fashion.
Like the women fashion, men’s body silhouette and the skin tone both of them are important while choosing a fashion style. It is also important to choose a style that is comfortable.
The trend of layering has become a great fashion this season. Putting on polo t-shirt over the casual t-shirt and then covering it with a sporty jacket, maybe a hoodie would give a casual funky look. Teaming a formal jacket too would be a great idea. Layering would add versatility as well as style and would avoid simplicity. However, consider the weather and then opt for layering as you wouldn’t want sweat dropping when you remove your jacket. If you are heavier, then layering would be quite useful. You could perhaps try using a sweater having vertical lines, v-neck one or with some small prints.

Red, green, and blue are the trendy colors for this season which could be used for all skin tones. You could also combine them with some other neutral tones. However, step away from those conventional. Linen and seersuckers are quite popular for the summers also perfect for warm weather. In order to add some more of charm to your individuality or personality then converse the all star sneakers and break barriers in order to achieve a formal look. This kind of shoes black trousers, and black shirt having short sleeves along with a formal tie would allow a fashionable look. You could also put them on with some funky printed shirts having a juvenile style.

Cardigan is yet another demanding piece for summer. It is a sweater with button down type and it comes is some solid colors. They come in fantastic designs would be ideal to team up with polo t-shirts. Men should not be afraid for playing around with different styles which could be got with cardigans. If you are looking forward for a casual appearance then you can simply change the blazer to a casual cardigan or maybe a sweater having v-neck and roll up its sleeves.

Safari style is yet another characteristic for this season. Army green, khakis with some superb leather accessories like bracelets, belts and necklaces would complement the safari look.
It is great to be adventurous and making several untraditional combinations. Experimenting with fashion is not only popular amongst women but also amongst men. Substitute your typical blazer with the v-neck sweater or a button down shirt and make a style statement. Make your own style statement by experimenting with fashion trends.


Dormeuil - Renowned worldwide for their collection of luxury fabrics, Dormeuil didn't disappoint with their Fall 06 Men's collection. Black and white dogtooth check adorned the invitation as well as the models in a collection that was soave and elegant but which still maintained a masculine bite to it.


Bernard Willhelm - Exhibition fashion, but minus the restraints of frames, as Willhelm demonstrated in his break-out style. Creative and bold.


Wooyoungmi - Army caps, three-quarter length coats (with belt loosely tied around waist) and Trilbys were some key pieces in Wooyoungmi's fall collection. A fresh collection that contained a raw edge with neutral colours.Wooyoungmi Army caps, three-quarter length coats (with belt loosely tied around waist) and Trilbys were some key pieces in Wooyoungmi's fall collection. A fresh collection that contained a raw edge with neutral colours.


Gieves - One of Britain's most established and respected menswear labels demonstrated exactly why they are still the cream of the crop. Beautifully tailored overcoats, neckerchiefs and a shock of electric blue make the Gieves man one of the most stylish in town.


Ute Ploier - Raw, edgy and smart for the collection by the Austrian born designer. Tapered trousers under three-quarter length coats, check patterns and razor sharp detailing.

Rykiel Homme - Tweeds made for a Scottish highland fling with a difference at Rykiel Homme. Often paired against each other (with a tie, waistcoat or suit) the differing tweeds offered an eclectic mix in a collection that also featured velvet suits, 'Saint Germain' branded tops, and leather driving gloves.


Raf Simons - A seriously stylish collection of largely black and white with little in-between was shown. Zip details and tapered black trousers also were strong features.


Gilles Rosier - Magic skills, sophistication and a touch of Magritte all worked together for a dark-arts flavour to Rosier’s offerings, complete with a white dove.


Paris F/W 06 Report Part


Presented in a fresh exhibition style, Veronique Branquinho offered some beautifully tailored pieces including some smart buttoned pea-coat typ

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